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Dear visitors,


Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia to the State of Israel.

I am honored to represent Serbia in Israel and together with the Embassy staff I am looking forward to actively contribute to the development of our relations in the political, economic, cultural, consular and all other fields, and to the strengthing of people-to-people ties between our two friendly countries.

This website provides basic information about Serbia with useful links, along with the information about Embassy's activities in Israel. There is also a specific section on various consular service provided by the Embassy.

I hope that these information will assist you in your queries. I also warmly welcome all your comments and suggestions which will help us to further improve this website.



Milutin Stanojevic


New Honorary Consulate of Serbia in Israel, Headed by Boris Krasny

At the ceremony organized on January 10, 2018 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Boris Krasny was handed the Exequatur by the chief of State Protocol Meron Reuben and the original Letters patent by Ambassador Milutin Stanojevic, thus becoming the new Honorary Consul of Serbia in Israel, with the seat in Jerusalem. 

Ambassador Milutin Stanojevic has, on the occasion, stressed that opening of another Honorary Consulate in Israel is itself a confirmation of good relations between the two countries, expressing strong belief that Boris Krasny, a consultant and businessman, respected in as well as outside Israel, will contribute to their further advancement.   

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia Receives the Acknowledgment of the State of Israel for Extraordinary Contribution to Strengthening the Ties Between Israel and Serbia

At the formal ceremony held at Knesset on December 26, 2017, organized by MK Oded Forer the President of the Parliamentary friendship group with Serbia, acknowledgements for extraordinary contributions to strengthening the ties between Israel and Serbia have been awarded.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the State of Israel Milutin Stanojevic, being one of the recipients, has on this occasion expressed his gratitude for this significant acknowledgment, stressing the long-lived tradition of friendship between the two peoples, forged in the toughest historical circumstances, based on which the two countries can look at the future development of their relations with great optimism. He pointed out that, as the Serbian Ambassador to Israel, his endeavors were made easier thanks to the contribution of the prominent individuals, recipients of this acknowledgment, many of whom have dedicated their entire professional careers to building bridges between the two peoples and countries, while as a recipient feels exceptionally honoured to be in this group among them.

Recipients of the award are journalist and President of the Israel-Serbia Friendship Association Michael Freund, designer Dan Raizinger, musicologist Dusan Mihalek, author Ana Shomlo, interpreter Dina Katan Ben Cion, as well as other prominent members of the Assosiation of Jews from the Former Yugoslavia Miriam Aviezer, Aleksandar Nikolic, Eliezer Papo, Ivan Cereshnesh and editor of the bulletin “Most” Milan Fogel.

The host MK Oded Forer, director for Balkans at the MFA Ambassador Dan Oryan, and engineer Josef Zamboki, the initiator of the establishment of the Israel-Serbia economy association have addressed the participants. The three of them, have as signatories of the awards, handed them out on behalf of their respective organizations.   

Visit by Minister Nenad Popovic to Israel

Minister without portfolio responsible for innovation and technological development of the Republic of Serbia Nenad Popovic paid an official visit to the State of Israel December 23-25, 2017. During the visit he had separate meetings with the Minister of Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yuval Rotem, heads of the Israel Innovation Authority, research center Volcani of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bar-Ilan University, as well as the representatives of some of the leading companies of the IT sector. During the visit Minister Popovic has also visited The Holocaust Memorial Complex Yad Vashem where he laid a wreath.

Ministers Popovic and Akunis agreed upon signing the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the fields of innovation and digital economy between the two countries, as well as setting up an Intergovernmental Committee for cooperation. Both sides assessed the meeting as very important for the further development of innovational and technological cooperation between Serbia and Israel. 

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