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The Embassy is open:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

Considering the measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, Consular Section, will be open to public, only with prior notice by phone or an email. 

Working hours of the Consular Section:

Tuesday and Friday, from 10 AM to 12 PM




10 Dr Bodenheimer Street
62008 TEL AVIV

Phone: +972 3 604 55 35 Directions/Map
Phone: +972 3 604 93 72 Jurisdiction
Fax:      +972 3 604 94 56 Honorary Consuls

Embassy: srbambil@netvision.net.il fd

Consular section: consular.srb@013net.net



The Workshop on Serbian language, culture and history, November 2020
Dear friends,
We are pleased to inform you that the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tel Aviv, for the first time in Israel, is launching a workshop on Serbian language, culture, and history.
Our goal is to teach Israeli kids to read and write in Serbian, Cyrillic, and Latin script through conversation, singing and playing party games. In addition to the language, we would also like the youngest generation to learn about their parents and grandparents' country, about Serbian culture, tradition, historical events, geography, etc.  
The workshop will include celebrations of our holidays, visits to museums, field trips, and other activities. It will be led by Jelena Mihailović Rozencvaig, a highschool teacher at the Herzliya High School in Tel Aviv. She has extensive experience teaching the Serbian language and subjects mentioned.
The workshop is for students aged 6 to 17. Given the restrictive measures implemented to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we'll initially organize the ZOOM platform lectures. When the overall situation improves, children and parents will meet at the Embassy, ​​where the workshop will be held every Friday, from 1 to 3 p.m.
The application deadline is November 16, 2020, and the beginning of the workshop is November 20, 2020.
If you want your kids to join the workshop, please fill out the online application form at the following link. For additional details feel free to contact Jelena Mihailović Rosenzweig and Dušan Vujović, consul at the Embassy via email srpskizadecu.il@gmail.com

Travel to Serbia, October 2020



Israeli citizens are permitted to travel to Serbia without any restrictions regarding COVID-19 testing or quarantine. 

You can find additional information about travel conditions on the internet site of the Ministy of Foreign Affairs of Serbia.

For further questions please contact the Embassy.

SERBIA - Emerging tech development hub, October 2020

Executive summary

Serbia is an emerging tech hub in Europe, conveniently located and open for business.

An internationally acclaimed and growing engineering talent pool. Compulsory coding from the 5th grade, specialized IT streams in secondary schools, increased number of students in STEM programs, incentives to attract top talent.

• The most competitive corporate taxation in Europe. Companies can achieve 0% corporate income tax by combining the accelerated R&D deduction and IP box regimes. There is also a 30% tax credit for startup investments and attractive taxation of employee share plans.

• The Serbian Government as a partner committed to digitalization. The digitalization of public services and the growth of the tech private sector are number one national priorities.

• Top international tech companies, such as Microsoft, NCR, Epic Games, Continental and others, have already established R&D centers in Serbia with great success. Node, the first AI-as-a-service platform for businesses, recently opened in Serbia as a hub for its European expansion.

• Serbian tech companies are also making it big abroad. Nordeus is the world’s leading mobile gaming developer and publisher; Seven Bridges is a leading genetic research company and is rated as one of the world’s 50 smartest companies.



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